Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open to Group Buys?

Yes, we do group buys! Please reach out via Twitter to see if we are currently open to them.

How do I join BakerProxies?

You are able to join through one of our public restocks or via a Group Buy.

How long are residential plans valid for?

We offer 30 and 60-day residential plans. More details can be found Here

What sets your proxies apart from all the others?

Our success speaks for itself. We won’t get into the technical stuff : )

What sites DON’T your proxies work on?

That is a question we are still trying to answer. Thus far we have found proxies to work on every bot-able website possible.

I was in the discord and now I am not, what happened?

We frequently purge our discord of inactive members, as we like to keep our discord filled with active members only. We always post multiple warnings before doing a purge.

My discord was disabled / I lost access to my discord. Can I get another invite?

No. If your account is no longer accessible, we will not provide you with a new invite, or a refund. We are not responsible for any discord account termination. Please check our Terms of Service for more details on this.

Are your proxies User:Password authenticated or IP Authenticated?

All of our proxies are User:Password authenticated.